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It is of utmost importance to have a work environment that is clean, well-maintained, and safe for your employees. Failure to do so will cost you money and will harm your company’s professional brand image. Izsam is making it a priority to achieve these results for your company. Your business will have a negative image if it is improperly kept and we want to help maintain your positive brand image.

From our outstanding results we have bene able to capture the trust from the high-profile businesses throughout the Midwest to retain their esteemed professional reputation. Izsam is grateful to create custom-tailored schedules that adapt to your hours of work and requirements no matter the size of your project. Our intensively-trained teams are equipped with expert janitorial skills and exceptional etiquette for each job.

From strata property, offices, retail, construction sites to car dealerships and showrooms, we consistently exceed all of our unique client janitorial requirements. You do not need to be concerned with your commercial janitorial services if you hire Izsam temp workers for construction cleanup.

Suite and Office Jobs

A properly-cleaned environment is crucial for efficiency, morale, and productivity in your offices, boardrooms, and other environments. Often businesses are judged by their cosmetic appearances. This means you need to maintain a well-maintained and clean headquarters – luckily we know just how to help with that area! Our attention to detail proves that our well-equipped janitors are just as reliable as your own employees.

Many janitorial businesses subcontract their work to make more money but we ensure all of our employees are hand-selected by us. Each of our expert staff members are insured and guarantee the safety of your employee and company. Every single project is effectively inspected by an advanced supervisor in order to make sure every single cleaning has been done to our highly-set standards. Proudly, we create a unique schedule to fit your company’s time needs and financial resource availabilities.

Construction and Renovation Cleaning Projects

Izsam has the experience to know that when your office-building is completed you want it occupancy-ready as soon as it can be. Often there is dirt and garbage left after the building that can postpone occupants from moving in. We are well-equipped to exceed our own, and your own, high standards for the cleaning up the construction site.

Our teams are exceptionally-prepared to thoroughly clean, shine, and prepare your new house or company building for its grand opening. Izsam proudly bears its fantastic reputation in the cleaning service industry over years of hard work and exceptional post-construction janitorial services.

Each member of our team is insured, bonded, and effectively trained to handle their own safety and consistency of high-quality work. Our team can responsibly tell you we can handle any job with our combined skillsets and experience while maintaining highly-competitive prices.

Daycare and School Janitorial Assistance

Daycare facilities and children’s schools are an essential part of the development and education of each person. An issue of harmful viruses and germs arises when so many children are put into the same place, though.

Izsam is happy to say that we provide essential janitorial services to many schools in order to protect children of all ages in attendance.

We recognize that as children develop they also are at risk for respiratory issues when exposed to harmful cleaning chemicals. We provide our teams with eco-friendly materials and ensure our teams are well-trained to remove graffiti, marker prints, gum, boot and shoe marks, and stains.

Every parent will agree that a clean school is needed in order for their children to remain healthy while learning and preparing for their future. Our hand-picked team members are insured, bonded, and tightly supervised to make sure each job has exceeded expectations.

Recreational Facilities and Gyms

Our in-depth experience and skill for the special requirements of gyms, fitness clubs, and recreational facilities is very high. It is largely important for members to see a clean front desk, clean showers and changing rooms, and a generally-clean building. Izsam is set on removing all bacteria and contaminations from the areas that members use to work out.

To ensure proper cleaning we utilize sanitization with only the best cleaning materials and solvents to remove contaminations with color-coded cloth pieces. Facilities that host athletes and members who work out need to have a sanitized facility for the health and safety of each person in the building. By making sure our clients and their members are healthy and happy we have created long-lasting relationships in the gym and fitness community through our many years in business. We consistently strive to provide the top janitorial services and the most-competitive prices in the cleaning service industry.

Medical Facilities and Health Care-Providing Offices

Clinics that provide surgery and other medical operations need special sanitizing to maintain safety for the staff, visitors and patients. Failure to clean an area in a medical office can spread disease, help infections grow, and dangerous illnesses can be spread to people who come in contact with them. Izsam’s years of expertise in the cleaning of medical practices and is prepared to sanitize and clean any medical office. The precise level of cleanliness needed for operating and exam rooms is also need for each and every support space like the front desk, waiting rooms, hallways, etc.

Medical clinics require high levels of healthcare mandate, regulation, and standard adherence. This is to make sure each person’s safety is protected in the building where different disease and illnesses are treated. There is a growing concern for patients acquiring infections during operations and procedures so it is even more important today to ensure programs and systems are in place to reduce the chance of infections, to lower the steep costs for non-compliance, and to make sure patients are safe during their visits. Izsam is a top-tier, quality-focused janitorial service that is trusted for medical clinics, hospitals, and surgery rooms.

Shopping Center Cleaning

Stores and shopping malls tend to attracts hundreds and thousands of people each day. With that kind of traffic, large messes are made and need cleaning – especially when people often head to the food court. People drop food, garbage cans overflow with waste materials, and floors can becomes slippery and hazardous for shoppers and people enjoying themselves in the food court. Customers notice when a mall is dirty and often this leads to lost business and reputation.

Izsam is an exceptional fully-equipped janitorial service set out on a mission to provide quality sanitation to shopping centers. Maintaining cleanliness in a shopping mall will bring in money and customers to stores which generates more money. Izsam wants to keep your whole shopping mall looking clean, well-kept, and sanitized each morning to ensure shoppers will be impressed and welcomed into each of the stores.

Credit Union and Banks

First impressions leave a lasting opinion in customer judgement of your business and establishment. The interior and exterior cleanliness is the first thing they notice when they arrive and it often sets the tone for their impression of your brand. Our highly-trained teams perform due diligence to give unmatched cleaning services to banks so the health of their most-important assets are taken care of – their customers.

A company’s branding is essential to growth and development and there is no better way to show the strength of a brand than maintaining a clean and safe environment. Hiring Izsam’s cleaning specialists exemplifies a company’s determination for the betterment of their business and solving customer problems. We continue to create long-term relationships among financial institutions in the Midwest region of the United States because of our exceptional performance and ethics in the commercial cleaning service industry.

Warehouse and Industrial Complexes Janitorial Services

Each member of our team at Izsam is required to pass a deep and specialized training for industrial cleaning in places like production facilities and warehouses. We guarantee sanitization and degreasing all equipment in a safe manner to get rid of scuffs and any graffiti. The image and productivity of a manufacturing facility can drastically be affected by the level of cleanliness and efficiency of machinery.

Strategically, we help you assess the needs of your staff and building to create a unique schedule that adapts to ongoing needs based on your budget. To our industrial clients we offer cleaning for floors, offices, and more.

Construction Cleaning – Commercial

When your new building or home has finished construction, we know you want to be able to move into it as soon as you can so we want to help with the post-construction cleanup. Our seasoned and exceptional experience with post-construction final cleaning services outshine every other business in the industry. Our removal of garbage and dirt is top-tier and highly efficient. There is no lack of safety concerns, regulations, or requirements in our company as we want our ethics to represent our fantastic services. We continue to exceed the expectations of our clients for construction cleanup.

Window Cleaning – Commercial

It is essential to have your windows efficiently, effectively, and adorably clean – Izsam has been doing just that for over 10 years for several pleased clients.

There are two huge reasons to have windows cleaned often: Longer usage of your windows and a great brand-impression on clients and visitors. If you are looking at your window and you see small specs reflecting light, this means your windows are dirty and there are particles stuck to them. This dirt can imprint into the glass and over time can damage and harm the glass’s integrity.

When customers visit your place of work you want to always establish your brand as one they can trust. How can they trust you will be able to help them if you cannot seem to take care of a detail like your windows?

This is especially crucial for stores that are close to heavy foot-traffic and customers walking by. How are customers supposed to see the value in your products or services if they can only seem to fix their attention on dirty spots on your windows? If your company cannot take of the building it operates in then how can it take care of their needs as a customer?

Izsam is fully-equipped to organize a unique schedule to clean your business so you are able to give your best impression possible. Your investments are fully protected as well because of our fully-insured and bonded employees. Give us a simple call and we will come to your business and offer you a free estimate.

It is your duty to establish your company as a brand that cares about attention to detail and your customers. What are you waiting for?

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